The Meaning of Slot


A slot in the hockey arena is the area where a shot has the best chance of not deflecting. Having a straight-on view of the net is an important characteristic when you’re shooting. A low slot gives you a clear view of the net, which allows you to shoot wrist shots with accuracy. However, be prepared for defenders to establish this area as “no man’s land.”


The origin of slot is a bit confusing. Although the word has a variety of meanings, it is often used to describe a hollow above the breastbone or at the base of the throat. Origin of slot is a late 14c. word that comes from Old French esclot, an obscure derivative of Old Norse slod. The modern meaning of slot first appears in 1888, though it can be traced back to the 16th century.


What is the meaning of slot? The word slot is a late 14c. French word meaning a hollow at the base of the throat, above the breastbone. Its origins are unclear, but they’re related to the Old French esclot and Old Norse slod. The first recorded meaning of slot is in the 1520s, but the word “slot” as a noun dates from the 1880s.


There are two main types of slots available – stand-alone and community. Stand-alone slots offer players privacy and concentration. Community slots, in contrast, are situated near a single large screen with smaller screens for the regular phases of the game and larger screens for bonus rounds. Examples of community slots include Wheel of Fortune Super Spin and Monopoly Big Event. Here are some important differences between the two types of slots. This guide is for informational purposes only.

Payback percentage

When playing slots, you should understand the payback percentage of a slot machine. This figure is based on the average number of bets placed on a particular machine. It can vary from one casino to another, but it is generally between 70 and 90%. Payback percentages also depend on the randomness of the outcomes. In other words, a machine with a high payback percentage will typically return 95 percent of the money a player spends on a single spin.

Location in a casino

Some players believe that the location of a slot machine in a casino determines the payback percentage. They say that machines located near entrances and busy areas pay better than those at the far end of the casino. This theory is false, however, as modern casino floors have consistent payouts. Although looser machines can entice people to try their luck, the best place to find a loose slot machine is near the entrances.